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Do you have the right aircon system for your newly converted office?

March 29, 2023 Haysadmin No Comments

Tips for a successful conversion to a work-from-home space

Over the last three years, there has been a huge shift globally in the way we do our business – most notably, where we conduct business. 

Although some industries and business types (just like ours!) require on-site travel, many office-based jobs have now introduced the option of working remotely or adopting a hybrid work model.

This provides additional flexibility for employees to work from home, or a combination of home and office.

As such, many are looking for creative ways to improve existing space in their homes and create a high-quality work-from-home environment.

Most people have outgrown the temporary office space, kitchen table, or small desk shoved into the corner; we instead want a dedicated space that is used solely during working hours.

This week, we’re sharing some important tips and pieces of advice when it comes to converting or extending your home for an office space. If you need a smart solution for air conditioning in Redcliffe, speak to Hays Airconditioning now.


Firstly: what exactly is a home conversion (and what makes it different from a renovation or extension?)

In short, a home conversion is much smaller in scale compared to an extension or renovation.

It generally refers to the process of changing the use or function of an existing space in the home. Some of the most common conversions include turning a bedroom into an office, an attic into a bedroom, or a garage into a commercial space. 

As the name suggests, an extension typically includes adding new space to a home, such as a second storey or extended living areas at the rear of a property.

Finally, a renovation involves updating and improving the existing structure of a home, such as a new layout, appliances, benchtops, and storage in a kitchen.

modern office desk in home office with pens, notebook and lamp 3d render illustration

What factors should you consider when converting a room in your home?

Anyone can put a desk in any room of the home and call it an office. But a dedicated space is so much more than that!

Particularly if you’re adopting a hybrid or work-from-home model, you’ll want to consider creating a space solely dedicated to work.

This means that not only do you have a private space to concentrate during the day, but you can also keep it separate by closing it off from your home and family life once evenings and weekends roll around.

Here are a few important considerations to help you create a productive and effective space.

1) Think about your office at work

What does your office look like? What appliances, equipment, and tools do you rely on day-to-day? What functionality of your office do you like? This is an excellent starting point to help you understand exactly what you’ll need to enjoy a functional space at home.

2) Assess the current space

Identify the size, layout, orientation, and window placement, and check it out during different hours of the day. Does direct sunlight stream through a window? Is the space stuffy and humid?

3) Consider lighting

What is the natural light like? A qualified electrician can help you plan strategic lighting that serves its function but also avoids annoying glare and reflections. 

4) Think about air quality

Is there airflow and ventilation? Enjoy pure, clean air and a healthier work environment with the right air conditioning system (more on this below!)

5) Inspect electricals

Any kind of desk job requires a reliable power source: just think about how many devices you have plugged in at any one time while working on your computer. An electrician can help install additional power points and ensure the space is safe and fit for purpose.

Also, don’t forget about Wi-Fi, particularly if you’re considering a garage conversion! Is your home signal strong enough in this area?


What you need to know about air conditioning in a converted space

If you’re working in your converted space, you’re spending up to 8 hours a day confined to the same room. And that will include long days sweltering through Brisbane’s heat and high humidity.

Air conditioning is a critical piece of the puzzle, designed to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and healthy home working environment. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider an efficient aircon system within your newly converted home office space.

Enjoy a comfortable working environment

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of an efficient air conditioning system is that it will keep you cool and comfortable every day of the year. 

Improve air quality and enjoy a healthier atmosphere

Many modern air conditioning systems are fitted with filters and purification systems. This ensures that the air you breathe is free from pollutants, dust, and debris.

Enjoying a cleaner and more pure environment can improve health, reduce allergies, and increase overall well-being.

Control and manage humidity

Importantly, particularly in areas with high humidity just like Brisbane, a smart aircon solution can also help to control humidity. 

As an aircon draws in warm air from a room and converts it into cold air, it can effectively reduce the percentage of humidity, creating a much more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. 

Improve focus and concentration

We’ve all been there: a stifling hot day at work, staring blankly at the screen and counting down the minutes until the day is done.

High temperatures and humidity lead to discomfort, fatigue, and reduced cognitive function. This makes it hard to perform our tasks effectively, which leaves us feeling flat and unmotivated.

Stay focused, refreshed, and comfortable in a climate-controlled environment.

Increased property value

With more and more people enjoying a hybrid work model, a purpose-built home office is an attractive feature to future buyers. It can have a great impact on your property’s resale value!

Protect your equipment

Ever noticed on those really hot days that your computer or laptop fan starts whirring? It can be loud, warm to the touch, and really slow down functionality.

While there are a number of reasons that contribute to this, the room’s temperature, air quality, and amount of dust and debris in the air can lead to clogged fans, which affects a device’s ventilation and as such, performance.

Considering a home conversion?

Awesome! It has the potential to not only transform the way you work from home, but can have a great impact on your property’s resale value, too.

If you’re looking for air conditioning in North Brisbane for your newly converted space, or are planning to convert a room into a home office, speak to Hays today!

We’ll assess your space and help you choose the right system to meet your needs. Give us a call on 0404 614 814 or get in touch online.