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Looking for affordable and local air conditioner cleaning in Brisbane?

Our reliable and efficient air conditioner cleaning experts are here for you. With over 20 years of expertise, our qualified team excels in cleaning and sanitising all types and brands of air conditioners. We service all northern Brisbane suburbs as well as Moreton Bay City and Redcliffe Peninsula. Call us today!

Remove mould and dirt from your air con and enjoy a more efficient system! Breathe easy with Hays' split system and cassette air conditioner cleaning services near you in Brisbane

Living in a humid area like Brisbane means your air conditioning unit is a breeding ground for mould.

Mould in your split system air conditioner can have serious consequences for the health and well-being of your family. Signs to watch out for include musty odours, visible mould growth, and water leaks.

Mouldy air conditioners can lead to:

We all maintain our home with a regular cleaning routine, and we would never eat food from a dirty plate. Yet, it’s easy to neglect the one item that delivers the air we breathe. Unless regularly cleaned, your air conditioners could be harbouring and circulating dust and mould spores every time they’re used.

Don’t compromise on the air quality in your home: invest in professional air conditioning cleaning services to ensure you and your family are breathing in clean, fresh air that’s free from mould contamination.

If you’d like to request a quote or book air conditioner cleaning in Brisbane Northside, contact Paul at Hays Airconditioning today.

Why is cleaning your air conditioning important?

Health benefits

Breathe easy with a clean air conditioner: reduce the risk of illness and allergies by removing dust, mould, and bacteria.

Power saving

A clean system is an efficient one. Save up to 30% on consumption costs when your air conditioning is clean and working at its optimum.

Protect your system

Your air conditioning system is a costly asset. Did you know that cleaning can actually extend the life of your aircon, optimising its performance and putting less strain on the components within your system? This can also lead to reduced maintenance costs.

Hear from some happy customers about their experience with Hays Airconditioning

Full aircon dismantle, disinfect and clean.

I love to use local where I can.

Paul was great, very professional and so much cheaper than the company I used before. My house smells clean again.

I get my aircons cleaned every year, I nearly died when I saw the mould living in our bedroom system.

Check what’s hiding in your aircons now and give Paul a call. Highly recommend.

Satisfied Customer

We’re really impressed and satisfied with Paul’s work, cleaning our 4 split system aircons.

We recently purchased our home and the previous tenants didn’t bother to clean or look after the aircons, they were gross!

After reading reviews we chose Paul and couldn’t be happier with his service, professionalism and cost.

Our aircons are great, smell clean and working a treat!

Satisfied Customer

Paul serviced and cleaned 9 air conditioning units at the Redcliffe Art Society premises, the old fire station, Redcliffe.

He visited the site and promptly provided a quote.

Whilst completing the job, Paul was professional, extremely thorough and very easy to work with.

Being an owner-operator, it’s obvious that Paul takes pride in his work and that’s cool…like our air conditioning is now!

Highly recommend!

Satisfied Customer

Who's cleaning your split system?

The importance of choosing a licensed professional for split system and cassette air conditioner cleaning in Brisbane North

Unfortunately, current industry regulations allow anyone to carry out aircon cleans. That means unlicensed and inexperienced people poorly performing what is actually an incredibly intricate and complicated task.

This leaves residential and commercial clients thinking they are getting a trade-qualified professional when they are not. Instead, they’re left exposed to damage to their air conditioning systems and dangerous situations caused by someone unaware of the risks and technical implications of what they are undertaking.

As trade-qualified professionals, Hays Airconditioning has the knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively deep clean and sanitise your split and cassette AC units.

Additionally, we also have the experience to identify and troubleshoot any issues we may find during the cleaning service.

Paul Hayward for Air conditioning Redcliffe

Why choose Hays air conditioner cleaning services?

Book split system air conditioning cleaning with Hays today

Is your system full of mould or mildew? Is the air you’re breathing clean and free from dust and allergens?

If you haven’t had an air conditioning service lately, the answer to all of these questions is probably “I have no idea!”

Breathe easy with Hays: our professional deep cleaning services will ensure your split system is hygienic and sanitary, ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Air conditioner cleaning service questions

We recommended air conditioning cleaning at least once a year. In a climate like Brisbane, a spring clean is the perfect way to prepare for a hot and humid summer.

As you’d expect, summer is the busiest time for your aircon tech, so book early to ensure a cool and comfortable season!

For commercial systems (like offices, schools, and retail stores) we recommend biannual cleans. These are usually performed during the ‘shoulder’ seasons – in autumn to prepare for winter, and in spring in the lead-up to summer.

You can take care of some basic tasks, such as dusting the visible parts of your air conditioner unit like the grilles and vents.

However, professional air conditioning cleaning goes much deeper.

Done properly, aircon deep cleaning requires a thorough and methodical process.

Hays’ qualified technician has the skills, tools, and knowledge to effectively clean the entire internal and external system, ensuring clean, cool air all year round.

A detailed air conditioning clean takes approximately 1.5 hours per split system and around 4-5 hours for a cassette system.

This time frame serves as a clear reminder of the expertise required to carry out such a detailed and meticulous service!

It’s a time-consuming and labour-intensive cleaning process, but the end result is always worth it.

When properly maintained, an air conditioner can help make your home more comfortable and cut down on running costs. Professional cleaning services ensure that it’s running at peak efficiency year-round!

By removing accumulated dirt, dust, and debris, we improve airflow and cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal operation.

Other air conditioning services Redcliffe

In addition to deep cleans, Hays Airconditioning also offers a range of split system aircon services. 

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air conditioning problems

Aircon installation

High heat and humidity can leave us feeling hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.

Ensure year-round comfort with split system air conditioning installation from Hays.

Aircon maintenance

Is your unit delivering hot air, poor airflow, or weird smells and sounds?

Aircon maintenance optimises the performance, energy efficiency, and longevity of your system.

Aircon replacement

Is an old split system leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable?

Split system aircon replacement is designed to quickly and efficiently restore comfort to your home.